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IIC Nordic Group - NKF’s XIX International Conference

15th – 17th October 2012 Oslo, Norway


Planning to move? Processes and consequences for collections, objects and society


The main conference theme is the planned transport of objects and collections. This congress aims to be a professional commentary on society’s desire to relocate objects of cultural heritage value: collections, individual objects, buildings and other built structures.

Museums and other institutions from several Nordic countries have extensive relocation projects, either planned or underway. This initiative from the IIC Nordic Group – NKF aims to bring together the preservation community and colleagues from other professions to share knowledge and experiences on issues connected with relocation.

Full papers during the conference will be in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English. Scandinavian presentations will be simultaneously translated to English.





Key speaker; Technical Assessment of Cultural Objects in the Planning of Transport.
Casing of Sculptures and Installations.
Intern transport af værker med ufikseret farvelag på papir. (Transport of unfixed paint layers on paper within an institution).
The Relocation and Conservation project of Antero Ruotsalainen's steel installation "Noli turbare circulos meos!" lat, 1976.
Betraktninger og erfaringer med å flytte utendørskunst i offentlig rom. (Reflections and experiences with relocations of outdoor art in public spaces).
” Where do we go from here?” Nasjonalmuseets flytteprosjekter i perioden 2008 til 2016”. (” Where do we go from here?” The National Museums logistic projects 2008 – 2016).
Felles magasin – felles prosess (Joint storage – joint process).
”Samlebånd og strekkoder – overføring av museenes samlinger til fellesmagasin” (Assembly line and bar codes – transferring collections to a joint storage facility).
  • Kristin Halaas, Eivind Gramer and Kaisa Bengtsson. Presentation in Norwegian. Vestfold Museums, Norway.
Kunsttransport - logistik, standarder og bevaring. (Fine art transport - logistics, standards and preservation).
Moving monumental Munch: From listed building to temporary studio - and back.
  • Karen Mengshoel, Mirjam Liu, Hanne Moltubakk Kempton and Tine Frøysaker. The Munch Aula Project, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History at the University of Oslo, Norway.
The Master Plan – Building on the Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
  • Pamela Hatchfield, Matthew Siegal, Gordon Hanlon, Rhona Macbeth, Meredith Montague and Dante Vallance. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
35 hus på vandring? Flytting av Vest-Agder Museet fra Kongsgård til Odderøya. (35 buildings in transfer? Moving the Vest-Agder Museum from Kongsgård to Odderøya).
The organisation and challenges involved in transfering the stored collections of the Tampere Museums to new facilities.
Moving three Viking ships, three sleds, one wagon and hundreds of smaller finds: what’s the problem?
Til lands, til vands og i luften med! Et vikingeskib på vandreudstilling. (On land, on sea and in the air! A vikingship in a traveling exhibition).
  • Anette Hjelm Petersen and Kristiane Strætkvern. Presentation in Danish. The National Museum, Denmark.
Ask 2010. The relocation of 318 pieces of furniture: Project planning, realisation and trouble shooting.
Displacements and relocations: object moves to make study collections visible and accessible at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Magasinhallen på Hadeland Folkemuseum – lavterskelmagasin og formidlingsarena. (Storage facilities at Hadeland Folk Museum – low threshold storage and mediation area).
Relocating the Museu de Arte Popular.
Igen å igen - flytt av 2000 år gamla textilier från Peru. (Again and again – moving a 2000 year old Peruvian textile).
Moving a collection to an unfinshed new building: a challenge for the security of the objects.
Flytt av Stockholms stadsmuseums Fotoenhet 2009. (Moving Stockholm City Museum´s Photography unit 2009).
Conservation of Edvard Munch's Paintings for Moving to a New Building at Bjørvika in Oslo. A Project in Progress at the Munch Museum.
  • Biljana Topalova-Casadiego, Lise Chantrier Aasen, Fredrik Jong, Kristin Kausland and Linn Kristin Solheim. The Munch Museum, Norway.
*Relocation of XXL Collections* Lessons learned to reach acceptable risks at reasonable costs when moving thousands of objects
Moving, protecting and preserving 100,000 historic audio recordings: A collaboration in planning, preparation and preservation.



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